Red centre bakes in hottest winter ever

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Red centre bakes in hottest winter ever

With temperatures on average just under 32C (78F) for much of March and April, scientists expect to see more of these temperatures in the future.

“Winter is like the sun in the sky, it stays with you for weeks even if you don’t have a high temperature anywhere else in the world. You know what the next few months are like?” said lead author Dr Chris Evans, who from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

“The weather at the start of March is a very importa더킹카지노nt predictor of when we 더킹카지노see the hot and cold extremes we see in the rest of the world.”

Researchers are increasingly concerned about how extreme the extreme weather can become.

They believe climate change may be driving extreme heat and 바카라cold patterns for example because the warming caused by human activity is making the planet’s surface more suitable to supporting extreme weather.

“This year saw the warmest February since satellite records started and February in general was much warmer than average,” said lead author Dr Sarah Womack.

“It is very likely the temperature in the UK may be one of the world’s hottest months on record and if climate change is the culprit, we’re at risk of seeing more hot and cold events than usual in the future.”

The research was published in Geophysical Research Letters.

This research is a joint contribution by Oxford and Cambridge and is presented as a Special Issue of the journal, Geophysical Research Letters, as part of Climate Change 2014: the Physical Science Basis.

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