Swans upset lions wins for demons dockers with 3-1 win in Wellington win

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Swans upset lions wins for demons dockers with 3-1 win in Wellington win

Posted on Tuesday, 26 August 2014 13:13 | Updated on Wednesday, 27 August 2014 18:10

SUPPLIED Auckland Warriors captain Michael Jennings gets on with Lions teammates in the Lions win against St Kilda.

Thejarvees.com Lions managed to beat the St Kilda Cats 2-1 at Christchurch this afternoon.

“It’s a great result. We’ve put ourselves in a strong position over the years and we’ll now come back to get a win at Eden Park tomorrow,” said Lions coach Michael Jennings after the game.

“We’ll then continue to press on and try to get ourselves over that line and go a step closer to taking a little more points over the next three to four weeks.”

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The Cats, who came from behind after the first hour to beat the reigning premiers, were 1-for-16 from the kick-off.

“Our players can get behind the ball and make tackles and score some important goals when it counted against the St Kilda in Round 1 so it was pleasing to see that we kept that form alive tonight,” said head coach of the Lions Luke Beveridge.

“It was an encouraging performance by our defence, particularly from jarvees.comBen Reid and Jesse White, who are two of our key defenders and will certainly need to improve to have a great season under their belt next year.

“We did get a goal that wasn’t going to get to the game-winner but it was another example of our work on defence, it wasn’t enough to make our game winners and it’s good that we’ve shown some consistency and that’s important for this team.”

The Cats scored a career-high 42 unanswered points in their 20-point win but the Swans dominated the last quarter and kicked five goals, while the Lions kicked five goals.
The Cats kicked two goals in the third quarter and the Swans kicked two in the last 30 minutes.

After St Kilda played its final round of games on Sunday, coach Paul Roos said he wasn’t bothered by the fact the match couldn’t be the start of their season, however.

“I think the game doesn’t have to be my game-day programme. It doesn’t have to be a focus for our training,” Roos said.

“It’s still not the day after and it’s still a little bit of a jumble in th

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